Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit

With the Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit from SIIG, you can wirelessly transmit high-definition video and audio from your PC to your HDTV without any cable clutter. The kit includes a wireless USB transmitter and a wireless USB to HDMI receiver, allowing you to connect your USB-enabled desktop or laptop computer to an HDMI display, such as a computer monitor, video projector, or digital television. The device is optimized for computers with USB 2.0 or later.

Extended Wireless Range for Convenience

The Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit transmits HD video and stereo audio signals wirelessly from your computer to your HDTV from up to 33 feet away. This makes it easy to stream music and movies to your TV without having to move your PC or worry about excessive cable cluttering your home theater system.

Optimal Video and Audio Quality

The kit works with both standard and widescreen monitors and supports 1080p still images, 720p HD video, digital stereo sound, and mirror and extended display modes.

The DisplayLink chip in this kit provides a low-latency connection by compressing data for faster transfer. The result is smooth playback that retains the quality of wired connections, including high resolution and full 32-bit color graphics.



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