Restaurant Solution

Challenge Solution
While food and drinks bring people into a restaurant, the overall experience is what keeps customers coming back. Mom and pop shops are challenged with making their restaurant experience stand out on a budget. Medium/Small Restaurants need an affordable way to communicate their unique brand value through messages and visuals. SIIG’s Restaurant Solution offers versatile and cost-effectively options to stream HD media contents from Cable/Satellite box, AV receiver, Blu-ray player, or PC to the remote displays across the entire venue. It significantly enhances digital signage capacity without the cost of expensive, long distance HDMI cables.

  • • HDMI HDBaseT 1x4 1080p Extender/Splitter - 150m (CE-H24011-S1)
Source Input
  • • Support 1 source input such as Cable/Satellite box, AV receiver, DVD or PC
Source Output
  • • Supports up to 4 TVs



Features & Highlights


Allows restaurants to feature daily specials, promote their most profitable items on the menu and keep the patrons entertained for a much improved and enjoyable customer experience

  • • Extends HD digital video and audio signals to distant displays while maintaining high quality and reliable signal via cost-saving and economical Cat6 cable
  • • Delivers stunning and crystal clear Full HD video content with high fidelity digital audio sound quality to keep your customers entertained
  • • Power Over Cable (PoC) technology integrated for greater installation flexibility where power outlets are not accessible
  • • EDID management feature provides maximum compatibility to support the widest range of TVs/displays
  • • Premium quality metal housing ensures durability and minimizes interference to ensure smooth program broadcasting



HDMI HDBaseT 1x4 1080p Extender/Splitter - 150m (CE-H24011-S1)







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