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Now Available - ExpressCardTM Connectivity Solutions from SIIG!

(Fremont, California; February 27, 2006) SIIG, the market leader in I/O connectivity products (including Serial ATA and Ultra ATA Controllers, FireWire , USB, serial/parallel I/O, etc.) is proud to announce the release of the first four products from their new line of ExpressCardTM connectivity adapters. 

ExpressCardTM Adapters - Now Available SIIG's first introduction of new products based on the new ExpressCardTMformat include FireWire 400, Serial ATA II (RAID & non-RAID), and serial port I/O adapters. Much like their wide variety of PCI Express adapters, SIIG is one of the first manufacturers to offer ExpressCardTM connectivity solutions to the public and is expected to have one of the widest selections of products available by any single manufacturer. 

Currently available ExpressCardTM products include:
  • FireWire 2-Port ExpressCard (SIIG part # NN-EC2012-S1) - ExpressCard/34 module size, includes 2 external FireWire 400 6-pin ports
  • Serial ATA II Express Card (SIIG part # SC-SAE512-S1) - ExpressCard/54 module size, two-port host adapter with two eSATA ports, data transfer rates of up to 3Gb/sec, NCQ (native command queuing), & more.
  • Serial ATA II ExpressCard RAID (SIIG part # SC-SAE612-S1) - ExpressCard/54 module size, two-port host adapter with two eSATA ports, RAID 0 (striping) & RAID 1 (mirroring), data transfer rates of up to 3Gb/sec, NCQ (native command queuing), & more.
  • CyberSerial Dual ExpressCard (SIIG part # JJ-EC2011-S1) - ExpressCard/34 module size, includes two 16550 UART (DB9) ports.

Upcoming ExpressCardTM products will include (soon-to-be released):
  • FireWire 800 ExpressCardTM (SIIG part # NN-EC2812-S1) - ExpressCard/54 module size, includes one FireWire 800 (1394b) 9-pin and 1 FireWire 400 (1394a) 6-pin external ports
  • FireWire 2-Port ExpressCardTM DV-Kit (SIIG part # NN-EC2112-S1) - same adapter as the FireWire 2-Port ExpressCardTM, bundled with Ulead VideoStudio 9.0.
  • CyberSerial ExpressCardTM (SIIG part # JJ-EC1012-S1) - ExpressCard/34 module size, includes one 16550 UART (DB9) port.
  • ExpressCard/34 Card Carrier (SIIG part # TBA) - Passive PCMCIA to ExpressCard/34 adapter, allows various types of USB 2.0- based ExpressCard/34 PC Cards to be used with older PC Card equipped systems.

Future ExpressCardTM products are expected to include an expanded selection of serial port adapters, additional FireWire (800 & 400) adapters, Serial ATA II controllers (RAID & non-RAID), & more for both PC & Mac. 

All products are built using the same quality manufacturing standards that SIIG is known for, conform to ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 module sizes (depending on the application), certified compliant with the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association's (PCMCIA) ExpressCard standard, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

ExpressCardTM advantages include:
  • A Smaller & Faster PC Card Solution
  • Suitable for Mobile and Desktop Systems
  • Supports USB 2.0 and PCI Express Applications
  • Lower System and Card Complexity
For more information on ExpressCardTM , please visit the ExpressCardTM website at: