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SIIG Announces Expanded Serial ATA II Family

(Fremont, California; November 21, 2005) SIIG, the market leader in I/O connectivity products (including Serial ATA and Ultra ATA Controllers, FireWire®, USB, serial/parallel I/O, etc.) is proud to announce the latest additions to their ever-expanding line of Serial ATA family, including many new controllers that include the new eSATA external ports. 

As Mike Woodmansee, SIIGs Global Sales Manager states, "We are very excited about our growing assortment of Serial ATA products coming to market. With the extensive growth of the Serial ATA interface and the rising popularity of external storage devices, we feel we are positioning ourselves to be one of the market leaders in Serial ATA controllers." 

Growing Family 
SIIGs initial release of Serial ATA II products included two dual-port host adapters, the Serial ATA II PCIe (SIIG part # SC-SAE012-S1)controller and the Serial ATA II PCIe RAID (SIIG part # SC-SAER12) controller (includes RAID 0 & 1). 

The latest products to be released to market include:
  • SATA II PCIe Pro (SIIG part # SC-SAE412-S1) two eSATA external ports, 3Gbps
  • SATA II PCIe i/e  (SIIG part # SC-SAE211-S1) one internal and one eSATA external ports, 3Gbps
  • SATA II PCIe Pro RAID (SIIG part # SC-SAE312-S1) two eSATA external ports controller, RAID 0 & 1, 3Gbps

SIIGs soon-to-be released Serial ATA II products include:
  • SATA II ExpressCard (SIIG part # SC-SAE512-S1) two eSATA external ports, 3Gbps
  • SATA II ExpressCard RAID (SIIG part # SC-SAE612-S1) two eSATA external ports, RAID 0 &1, 3Gbps
  • SATA II Single PCIe (SIIG part # SC-SAE712-S1) single eSATA external port, non-booting, 3Gbps
  • SATA II Single ExpressCard (SIIG part # SC-SAE812-S1) single eSATA external port, non-booting, 3Gbps

All of SIIGs Serial ATA II controllers offer 3.0Gbps transfer rate, Native Command Queuing, port multipliers with FIS-based switching, programmable output signal swing strengths for longer external cables or extended backplanes, hot-plugging, enclosure management and ATAPI device support. 

Other Serial ATA products under development include a line of Serial ATA II-1.5Gbps PCI controllers (variety of configurations of internal/external ports, RAID & non-RAID, 1.5Gbps transfer rates, NCQ, and hot-plugging).