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SIIG Released New Mini DisplayPort Applications

Having Mini DisplayPort-equipped computers, such as Macbook or Surface Pro series computers, but need adapters to convert your video output to be compatible with various types of display monitor? The Mini DisplayPort adapter solutions will be the ideal choices.

SIIG’s newly released adapters or LAN Hub units can satisfy your needs by offering integrated features to simply expand your system’s connectivities.

Fremont, California (May 16, 2016) SIIG, Inc., a leading manufacturer of IT and AV connectivity solutions, is proud to announce the release of four Mini DisplayPort Adapters:

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K Adapter--Black (CB-DP1L12-S1)

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K Adapter--White (CE-DP1L22-S1)

Mini-DP Video Dock with USB 3.0 LAN Hub--White (JU-H30212-S1)

Mini-DP Video Dock with USB 3.0 LAN Hub--Black (JU-H30412-S1)


SIIG’s new Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K adapters enable you to convert Mini DisplayPort equipped tablet, laptop or desktop computers to connect with DisplayPort enabled display unit.  It supports Ultra HD 4Kx2K resolution to deliver stunning and crystal clear images/videos, which is great for high-resolution applications, for instance, gaming and graphic editing.There are two available colors to choose.

SIIG’s new Mini-DP Video Dock with USB 3.0 LAN Hub unit helps you expand your system’s connectivities by adding two USB 3.0 ports and one Gigabit Ethernet port through single USB 3.0 port connection. Converts Mini DisplayPort into either HDMI or DisplayPort output and supports triple display modes (Mirror, Extended, Primary) for various applications such as presentation or entertainment.


The compact and lightweight design make these adapters easy-to-carry and the perfect on-the-go gadgets.

Founded in 1985, SIIG, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of IT connectivity solutions (including Serial ATA and Ultra ATA Controllers, FireWire®, USB, and legacy I/O adapters) that bridge the connection between Desktop/Notebook systems and external peripherals. SIIG continues to grow by adding A/V and Digital Signage connectivity solutions to our extensive portfolio. All centered around the distribution and switching of A/V signals over CAT5/6, these products include matrix switches, distribution amplifiers, extenders, converters, splitters, cabling, and more.

SIIG is the premier one-stop source of upgrades and is committed to providing high quality products while keeping economical and competitive prices. High-quality control standards are evident by one of the lowest defective return rates in the industry. Our products offer comprehensive user manuals, user-friendly features, and most products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

SIIG products can be found in many computer retail stores, mail order catalogs, and e-commerce sites in the Americas, as well as through major distributors, system integrators, and VARs.