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SIIG Releases New Professional Audio/Video Product Family!

(Fremont, California; February 28, 2008)  SIIG, the market leader in I/O connectivity products (including Serial ATA and Ultra ATA Controllers, FireWire®, USB, serial/parallel I/O, etc.) and accessories is proud to announce the availability of professional audio/video accessories.

The new product family includes a variety of audio/video splitters, extenders, converters and adapters that address the needs of not only professional broadcasters, but also the ever increasing high-end home theater consumers.  With the growth of high-definition, Blu-Ray DVDs, and other audio/video advancements, the need to distribute, extend, convert , and adapt the audio/video signal is becoming more necessary.

The new products include: 

3-Port DVI Splitter (SIIG part # CE-DV0031-S1, SRP - $249.99):
  • Connect a DVI video source to 3 DVI compatible displays
  • Simultaneously displays from one source
  • Maintains highest video resolution (1600x1200)
  • Reads and remembers the EDID of displays
  • Stackable (daisy-chain multiply units for increased displays)
  • Support DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors
DVI + Audio to HDMI (SIIG part # CE-HM0031-S1, SRP - $199.99):
  • Converts DVI video & audio (digital or analog) to HDMI
  • Encodes the audio (via digitial coaxial SPDIF or analog audio input) onto the video signal for use on an HDMI equipped display
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1080p (1920 x 1200) for HDTV playback
  • HDMI 1.2a compatible and HDCP compliant
HDMI to DVI + Audio Converter (SIIG part # CE-HM0021-S1, SRP - $199.99):
  • Converts HDMI to DVI video & audio (digital or analog)
  • Decodes the audio (via digitial coaxial SPDIF or analog audio input) and digital video from any HDMI device for use on DVI displays (DVI video and either Digital Coaxial (SPDIF) or analog audio output
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1080p (1920 x 1200) for HDTV playback
  • HDMI 1.2a  compatible and HDCP compliant
HDMI Extender over 2 CAT5e (SIIG part # CE-HM0041-S1, SRP - $299.99):
  • Extends HDMI digital audio/video transmission up to 40 meters (150 feet) at 1080p resolutions
  • Extends HDMI digital audio/video transmission up to 60 meters (200 feet) at 1080i resolutions
  • Audio/video signals are digitally transmitted over the CAT5e cables, resulting in zero signal loss
  • Minimize the cable skew by adjustable equalization with 8 levels
  • HDMI 1.3a compatible and HDCP compliant          
Mini DVI Extender (SIIG part # CE-DV0061-S1, SRP - $149.99):
  • Transmit high-quality digital video over single cost-effective CAT5e cable vs. expensive/short DVI cables
  • Extends DVI video transmission up to 15 meters (50 feet) at 1600x1200 (UXGA)
  • Extends DVI video transmission up to 30 meters (100 feet) at 1024x768 (XGA)
  • Small and compact size is easy to conceal for a neater environment
  • Video Amplifier Bandwidth of 1.65Gbps
  • Input TMDS signal: 1.2 volts (peak-to-peak) and input DDC signal: 5 volts (peak-to-peak)
  • DVI 1.1 compliant
EDID Reader/Writer (SIIG part # CE-ED0011-S1, SRP - $59.99):
  • Reads and remembers the EDID of displays
  • Keeps computer from deactivating inactive DVI ports
  • Writes EDIDs into the EDID Re/Writer to the displays
  • No power required after initial programming
  • Maintains DVI video resolution
1 X 6 SDI Splitter (SIIG part # CE-SD0011-S1, SRP - $399.99):
  • 1:6 HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier
  • Six separately buffered outputs
  • Perfectly duplicates a SDI (SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 344M) or HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) signal, and then re-transmits to 4/6 outputs for real time monitoring
  • HD cable equalization (Beldon 1694A)
  • Dual color LED indication of input lock and rate
  • Low-cost 1x6 SD/HD (dual-rate) re-clocking distribution amplifier
  • Provides automatic input cable re-clocking and equalization to 300 meters.
Look for more professional audio/video products coming soon from SIIG.

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Founded in 1985, SIIG, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of IT connectivity solutions (including Serial ATA and Ultra ATA Controllers, FireWire®, USB, and legacy I/O adapters) that bridge the connection between Desktop/Notebook systems and external peripherals. SIIG continues to grow by adding A/V and Digital Signage connectivity solutions to our extensive portfolio. All centered around the distribution and switching of A/V signals over CAT5/6, these products include matrix switches, distribution amplifiers, extenders, converters, splitters, cabling, and more.

SIIG is the premier one-stop source of upgrades and is committed to providing high quality products while keeping economical and competitive prices. High-quality control standards are evident by one of the lowest defective return rates in the industry. Our products offer comprehensive user manuals, user-friendly features, and most products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

SIIG products can be found in many computer retail stores, mail order catalogs, and e-commerce sites in the Americas, as well as through major distributors, system integrators, and VARs.