A/V PowerSaver 4

"Green" 4-outlet energy-saving surge protector/noise filter



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    Most electronic devices consume energy even when turned off (called "standby power" or "vampire power"), wasting electricity & increasing utility costs.  The A/V PowerSaver 4 helps solve this problem, utilizing the "Master/Power Save" concept of energy conservation.

    When the A/V PowerSaver 4 senses the "Master" device (TV, computer, etc) is turned off, "standby power" to the devices (DVD player, A/V receiver, monitor, printer, etc.) connected to the "Power Save" outlets & devices is automatically shut off, saving electricity & energy costs!  

    • Surge Protection - Instantly (less than 1 nanosecond) protects against damage from power surges/spikes  - up to 1080 joules
    • X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) Technology - Newly designed with improved materials for improved surge protection - Diverts power surges/spikes through the ground line.
    • Safety Shutdown Technology - Thermal fuses shut power off to the system, protecting against fire and other damage
    • High-Frequency Capacitor & Choke Coils - Combine to provide maximum reduction of AC line noise interference - up to 48db
    • Master Outlet (1) - Main outlet - controls the  "ON/OFF" status of the "POWER SAVER" outlets
    • Power Save Outlets (2)  - Power saving outlets - power automatically turns ON/OFF according to Master Outlet's device status
    • Always On Outlets (1)  - Continuously powered for devices needing constant power
    • Combo Phone (RJ11) & NETWORK (RJ45) Jacks - Provides protection against surges on either phone or network lines
    • DSS/Coaxial connectors (gold-plated) - Provides protection against surges on cable TV, DSS, and cable modem equipment with minimal signal loss (less than 0.1 dB)


    • Electrical Rating: 15A, 120V, 60Hz, 1800 Watts
    • Surge Lines Protected:  3-Line (L-N, L-G, N-G)
    • UL Clamping Voltage:  400V, UL-1449
    • Surge Energy Joule Rating:  1080 Joules
    • EMI/RFI Noise Filter:  Frequency: 150 KHz~100MHz, Attenuation:Up to 48 dB
    • Maximum SpikeCurrent:  72,000 Amps (3 Line Total)
    • Response Time:  < 1 Nanosecond
    • Max. Spike Voltage:  6KV
    • ComboTel/Fax/Modem/Network Line Protection:  JackType: RJ11/RJ45 8P8C, Communication Speed: 10/100 Base-T (Cat.5)
    • DSS/Coax CableLine Protection: Surge Arrestor:  gas tube, breakdown volts: < 75V, Insertion Loss:< 0.1 dB
    • 5 year warranty

    Package contents

    • A/V PowerSaver 4
    • User's manual
Channel Codes
  • Ingram Micro: BU5632
  • Tech Data: 59705P
  • D&H: CESP0012S1
  • ASI: 83931
  • Synnex: 2728045


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