USB 3.0 Data KM Magic Switch Console Cable

Easily share Keyboard/Mouse and transfer files between two laptops or PC systems
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    • Allows you to share files, keyboard, and mouse between 2 computers, PC and Mac compatible, for data backup or moving all your valuable data to a new system
    • Easily share a keyboard and mouse by simply switching the mouse curser to the computer screen you want to work on
    • Perfect for applications where multiple computers need to be controlled by a single user, even works when mixing different operating systems
    • Allows you to control and monitor two systems simultaneously suitable for PC compile/repair or tech bench environments
    • Conforms to USB 3.0 5Gps data transfer rate
    • Plug-n-play, no driver installation required


    • Chipset: WH89
    • Data transfer: up to 5Gbps
    • Application
      • Keyboard and Mouse sharing (Win / Win, Win / Mac, Mac / Mac)
      • Clipboard sharing (Text share / Picture share)
      • File transferring (Drag and Drop)
    • Product:
      • Connector: USB 3.0 Type-A (male) to USB 3.0 Type-A (male)
      • Cable length: 5.2 feet
      • Dimensions (housing only): 2.10" (L) x 0.34" (H) x 0.74" (W)
      • Weight: 0.12 lbs
      • Color: Black
      • Housing material: ABS plastic
      • Power LED: Green
    • Environmental conditions:
      • Operating temperature: 32 to 113 degrees F
      • Storage temperature: 14 to 149 degrees F
      • Relative humidity: < 85% RH (non-condensing)
    • TAA compliant
    • Certifications/Standards: FCC, CE, RoHS
    • Warranty: 2 years limited
    • Country of origin: Made in Taiwan

    System Requirements

    • Windows 10 (32-/64-bit) / 8.x (32-/64-bit) / 7 (SP1) (32-/64-bit)
    • Mac OS X® 10.14 to 10.10
    • USB 3.0 port

    Package contents

    • USB 3.0 Data KM Magic Switch Console Cable
    • Quick start guide


04-1196a.pdf Download quick start guide
ju-csl111-s1_user_manual.pdf Download User Manual


Hardware Version: 1

Mac OS 10.15
Download software update for OS 10.15 and later
The software update utility only works in Windows 10 computers

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

USB 3.0 Data KM Magic Switch Console Cable Installation and Operating Tips

The cable is little complicated to install and use. Here are several tips to help you with the product. A) You'll need to run the EXE application in each system. I had a issue the 1st time running it, so I unplugged the cable on both computers and...

The Magic Switch stopped working. How do I reset / uninstall it?

This is not a pure plug and play device. When plugging the device in for the first time, somefiles are installed in both computers, which are saved in C:/users/(user name)/AppData/Roaming/MCT. It is a hidden folder/file. This MCT folder/files should...

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