MTPRO Desk Mount Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm - up to 32" Display, Max. Load 19.8 lbs, VESA 75/100mm

  • Dual Gas Spring Mount Arm
  • Up to 32"
  • Max load 19.8 lbs (Each)
  • 75x75mm
  • 100x100mm
  • Slim & Elegant Design
  • Cable Management
  • C-Clamp
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Quick Installation
  • Move Easily
  • TAA Compliant
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    Desk Mount Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm - Up to 32” monitor, Max Load up to 19.8 lbs(Each), Full Motion Height Swivel Tilt Rotation Adjustable, Height Adjustment up to 18.38", VESA 75/100mm, Cable Management, High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Slim and Elegant Design, Compliant with TAA



    Create your ideal monitor setup with gas spring arms, supports up to two 32” monitors. This versatile and ergonomic solution is perfect for office use, allowing you to create a comfortable, a clean desk, and efficient workspace


    Perfect Fit for Your Monitors

    Dual monitor desk mount fits most of flat/curved monitors up to 32 inches in size and weigh up to 19.8lbs (9Kgs) each. Compatible with VESA 100x100mm or 75x75mm mounting holes


    Full Motion Adjustable

    Achieve the perfect viewing angle with 90° upward tilt, -35° downward tilt, 180° VESA Plate swivel and +-128° Screen rotation, 180° pan swivel and 360° arm rotation


    Optimal Viewing Height

    Premium gas spring monitor arm assists height adjustment from 7.36” to 18.38", optimizing your viewing angle, reducing your eyes and neck stress and preventing ergonomic injuries, effortlessly adjust your monitor’s position with just a gentle touch


    Extend Your View

    Extend up to 20.28 inches from the wall, providing ample space for your monitor to be positioned at the perfect height and distance for your needs, freeing up space on your desk


    Infinite Flexibility

    Unlimited adjustability with dual independent pivots and arms for any setup. Allowing you to position your monitors at the perfect height and distance for a comfortable and productive workday

    *Note: If the VESA mount of the monitor is not in the center, be careful that the bottom monitor may hit the desk when using the stacking mode


    Tension Cable Management C-clamp
    Easy to Adjust the Gas Shock TensionCable ManagementEasy C-clamp Mounting
    You can manually adjust the tension of the gas spring. Simply turn the shock five times, then test if the tension is holding the monitor sturdily

    - To increase the tension, turn the shock counter-clockwise (+)

    - To decrease the tension, turn the shock clockwise (-)

    Integrated cable management helps you keep your desk tidy and organized, so you can focus on your work without distractions Fits most desktops from 0.4” to 2.55” (10-65 mm) thick

    Slim and Elegant Design

    High quality aluminum alloy, simple, slim and elegant appearance design, providing a stable and secure platform for your monitor; compliant with TAA

    TAA Compliant

    Completely manufactured in a TAA designed country


    SIIG’s MTPRO Desk Mount Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm - Up to 32” transforms your workspace, boosting productivity and ergonomics, creating a clutter-free workspace, enhancing entertainment and gaming experiences, and more


    Business Office:

    Boost productivity: Optimize your workflow with side-by-side screens for efficient multitasking, document comparison, and reference materials

    Ergonomic comfort: Adjust the height, tilt, and swivel of each monitor to find the perfect viewing angle, reducing neck and eye strain

    Declutter your workspace: Free up valuable desk space by mounting your monitors, creating a clean and organized work environment


    Creative Studios:

    Multitasking for designers and editors: Work on multiple projects simultaneously with side-by-side screens

    Enhanced visual comparison: Compare different designs, layouts, or edits easily with dual monitors

    Organized workspace for inspiration: Keep reference materials and inspiration boards readily visible on the second screen


    Gaming Setups:

    Immersive experience: Enjoy wider field of view and enhanced gameplay with dual monitors, create a sleek and organized gaming station with mounted monitors

    Streamlining gameplay: Keep chat windows, walkthroughs, or other resources readily accessible on the second screen

    Need to Know Before Buying

    1. Make sure to choose an arm that is compatible with your monitor’s weight and size

    2. Consider how much flexibility you need in your monitor arms and choose the arms that can accommodate your needs, so you can find the perfect position for your monitor

    3. Verify that the mount is compatible with the VESA mounting plate on your monitors

    4. Make sure the mount arm you choose is stable and can hold your monitors securely in place

    5. Choose an arm with built-in cable management features to keep your desk tidy and organized


    • Screen size: Up to 32"
    • Weight capacity: 4.4 to 19.8 lbs (2 to 9 kgs)
    • Tilt angles: Upward 90°/Downward 35°
    • VESA swivel: ±180°
    • VESA Rotation: ±128°
    • Arm swivel: ±180°
    • Pan swivel: ±90°
    • VESA mounting: 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
    • Arm Lift: 18.38 inches (466.85mm)
    • Arm Extend: 20.28 inches (505.11mm)
    • Suggested desktop thickness:
      • C-clamp: 0.4 to 2.55 inches (10-65 mm) thick
    • Cable Management: 2 Cables
    • Product Color: Silver
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Product dimension: 44.88" (W) x 5.91" (H) x 20.65" (D)
    • Product weight: 9.63 lbs
    • Unit package Dimensions: 19.69" (W) x 5.71" (H) x 6.50" (D)
    • Unit package Weight: 11.13 lbs
    • Certifications/Standards: RoHS, REACH
    • UPC: 662774046273
    • Warranty: 2 years limited
    • Country of origin: Made in Taiwan

    Package contents

    • 1x Desk Mount Dual Gas Spring Monitor Arm - Up to 32”
    • 1x Installation Kit
    • 1x Installation Guide


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