Aluminum Mechanical Spring Slim Monitor Arm - Single, 17" to 32", Max Load 17.6 lbs

Spring assisted full-motion (tilt, swivel, rotate and height adjustment) articulating single monitor desk mount, Fits 17" to 32" monitor, weight up to 17.6 lbs.
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    Spring assisted full-motion (tilt, swivel, rotate and height adjustment) articulating single monitor desk mount, Fits 17" to 32" monitor, weight up to 17.6 lbs.



    SIIG Single Arm Aluminum Mechanical Spring Slim Monitor Stand (CE-MT2T12-S1)

    Today, more people rely on their computers than ever for working, so the time we spend in front of monitors becomes longer as well. Therefore, people have become aware of the challenge that can result from using computer monitors all day long to do a job, such as ergonomic injuries and multiple programs running at the same time requesting multitasking. It is recommended to invest in a single monitor arm mount for a couple of reasons.

  • With monitor arm mounts, businesses can rely on more mobile devices like laptops, because employees can be mobile with laptops and work from anywhere with a workstation that is positioned with one additional mounted monitor which acts just like a home base desktop.
  • Improved productivity - A single monitor mount, gives users the ability to use multiple displays rather than the built-in screen on the laptop, which is important as more jobs request a number of software programs to complete. Users can operate by multitasking with multiple programs on the additional monitor which can easily be viewed at the same time with a larger screen. Users no longer need to switch between windows just to type or copy and paste.
  • Better Neck and Eye Health - With the right viewing angle of monitors adjusted on the monitor arm mount, it helps relieve the strain on the eye and neck to prevent office workers from possible ergonomic injuries.


  • Universal Fit - SIIG's CE-MT2T12-S1 Single Monitor Desk Mountis compatible with most 17" to 32" flat and curved monitors, equipped with 75x75 and 100x100mm VESA mounting holes. 
  • Two Mounting Options - Both C-clamp and grommet mount bases are included in the package which allows users to easily and quickly install on most of desks or tables. 
  • Easy Installation with Heavy Duty Design - Top mounting feature allows you easily install the base from the top. The detachable VESA panel makes our mount easy to be installed. The detachable VESA panel allows you to remove the monitor from the mount very simply. The heavy-duty C-clamp and gromment mount are capable to support monitor weight up to 17.6 lbs. 

  • Top Mounting

    Top Mounting Feature No hassle installation

    • Install the base of the monitor mount from the top side.
    • Insert the upper arm into the lower arm.
    • Adjust the spring tension easily with the tool included in the hardware kit.

    Detachable Mechanical Tilt Portrait

    Detachable VESA Plate

    Advanced Mechanical Spring

    Adjustable Tilt & Long Arm

    Portrait or Landscape Orientation

    The detachable and rotatable VESA plate allows you to install the monitor easily and quickly. Adjust the monitor with a touch of your finger. Fulling articulating 2-piece arm, plus the advanced technology allows effortless adjustments. The feature of tilt adjustment and long arm provides users with extra flexibility for your office or working from home. You can push the display away for other assignments allowing flexible space orientation. You can decide the type of configuration you want to place the screen from portrait to landscape based on your working environment.

    Tension Mounting What

    Adjustable Spring Tension

    Two Mounting Options

    What is in the Box?

    • Turn the gas spring shock five times then test whether the tension is perfectly holding your monitor.
    • When your monitor droops, turn it clockwise(+) to increase tension.
    • If your monitor goes up, turn it counter-clockwise(-) to decrease tension.
    • Both C-clamp and Grommet mounts are included.
    • A solid C-clamp fits most desktops from 0.4” to 1.9” thick with a needed 2.3" depth.
    • Grommet mount supports up to 0.4 to 1.9" thick with a Grommet hole diameter between 0.4” to 2.3”
    • Aluminum Mechanical Spring Slim Monitor Arm-Single desk mount
    • Installation hardware kit
    • Installation guide

    siig cemt2t12s1 single arm aluminum mechanical spring slim monitor stand comparison 150x300 redsiig cemt3311s1 single gas spring c clamp desk mount 27 inch comparison 150x300 graysiig cemt2d12s1 high premium aluminum gas spring desk mount single arm comparison 150x300 graysiig cemt3j11s1 single arm monitor desk mount stand gaming rgb lights comparison 150x300siig cemt2z11s1 single monitor heacy duty premium gas spring desk mount comparison 150x300 gray
    Max Screen Size 32 inch; 21:9 Ultra-wide) 27 inch; 21:9 Ultra-wide 32 inch; 21:9 Ultra-wide) 34 inch; 21:9 Ultra-wide) 35 Inch
    Max Arm Capacity 17.6 lbs 14.3 lbs 19.8 lbs 19.8 lbs 33 lbs
    Max Arm Lift 17.7" 16.1" 20" 18" 23"
    Max Arm Extend 21.5" 19.6" 23.8" 21.6" 23.5"
    Spring Type Mechanical Spring Gas Spring Gas Spring Gas Spring Gas Spring
    Mount Type C-clamp & grommet C-clamp C-clamp & grommet C-clamp & grommet C-clamp & grommet
    Cable Management
    Features Classic design with effortlessly top mounting installation. Full motion articulating arm allows users to adjust tilt, swivel, pan and rotation. Premium gas spring provides smooth user experience of adjustment Built-in 179 modes of RGB lights gives you unique vibe to your gaming room Heavy Duty & Long Arm Extension


      • Screen size: 17"- 32" (measured diagonally)
      • Monitor weight capacity: 17.6lbs (max)
      • Mounting options:
        • Grommet mount: compatible with desk or table surface through hole 0.4 to 2.25 inches wide and 2 inches thick
        • C-clamp mount: compatible with desk or table surface 0.4 to 2 inches thick
      • VESA plate:
        • Mounting pattern: 75x75, 100x100
        • Quick release
      • Tilt: +90° to -90°
      • Swivel: +90° to -90°
      • Rotation: +90° to -90°
      • Arm extension: 18.4" (max)
      • Material: Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
      • Color: Black
      • Product dimensions: 22.08″ (W) x 20.47″ (H) x 4.53″ (D)
      • Product weight: 5.67 lbs
      • Unit package
        • Dimensions: 17.13″ (W) x 4.61″ (H) x 9.45″ (D)
        • Weight: 6.78 lbs
      • Certifications/Standards: RoHS
      • UPC Code: 662774-042183
      • Warranty: 2 years limited
      • Country of origin: China

      Package contents

      • Aluminum Mechanical Spring Slim Monitor Arm-Single desk mount
      • Installation hardware kit
      • Installation guide


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