HDMI 4K30Hz KVM over IP Extender

Extends HDMI and USB signals up to 328ft over Cat6 cable with nearly zero latency
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    SIIG 4K USB HDMI KVM Extender (CE-H25H11-S1): Extends USB keyboard, mouse, and 4K or 1080p HDMI video signal up to 328 ft. (110 m.) over Cat6 Ethernet cable. Supports uncompressed data transmission at up to 4K @30Hz with near-zero latency.

    Equipped with 2 USB ports on the receiver (RX) to control your PC at a remote location with a USB keyboard and mouse. The TX is also equipped with a local HDMI output (loop-out) for a local display.

    Features 1-to-many (TX to RXs) through dedicated unmanaged Gigabit network switches.

    Search CE-H25L11-S1 for extra receivers. Link in table below!

    Comparison Table

    siig ceh25h11s1 hdmi 4k 30hz kvm over cat6 extender comparison 140x300 redsiig ceh27411s1 hdmi usb kvm over cat6 extender comparison gsiig ceh26g11s1 hdmi wireless kvm extender loop out 500ft
    Max Resolution 4K 30Hz 1080p 60Hz 1080p 60Hz
    Transmission Distance 328ft 230ft 500ft
    HDCP Version 2.2 1.4 1.4
    Transmission Mode Cable Cable Wireless
    # of USB Port 2 2 2
    HDMI Loop-out
    EDID X
    Audio Extractor X X


    • Compliant with HDCP 2.2
    • Maximum transfer rate: 10.2Gbps
    • KVM function: Connect a keyboard and mouse to a Receiver to control your computer at a remote location
    • Network topology:
      • One-to-one: Direct connection or through Gigabit Ethernet switch (not included)
      • One-to-many:
        • Requires additional Receiver units, part # CE-H25L11-S1, sold separately
        • Requires dedicated Gigabit Ethernet switch, not included
        • Display output: Mirror
    • Transmission Distance:
      • Cat6/6A/7: up to 100m
    • Input/Output cable length supported: 5 meters (AWG24)
    • Supports Audio formats: PCM, LPCM, Dolby, DTS
    • Resolution:
      • 800x600@60Hz / 1024x768@60Hz / 1280x720@60Hz / 1280x800@60Hz / 1280x1024@60Hz / 1440x900@60Hz / 1680x1050@60Hz / 1920x1080@60Hz / 2560x1080@60Hz / 3840x2160@30Hz / 4096x2160@30Hz
    • Housing material: Iron alloy material + crystal panel
    • Product:
      • Transmitting unit (TX):
        • Dimensions: 5.24" (L) x 0.98" (H) x 3.54" (W)
        • Weight: 0.71 lbs
        • Connectors:
          • 1x 19-pin HDMI, Type A, Female, Input
          • 1x 19-pin HDMI, Type A, Female, Loop-out
          • 1x 4-pin USB Type-B, Female, connect to PC
          • 1x 8-pin, RJ45, Output
          • 1x Power jack
          • 1x Reset button
      • Receiving unit (RX):
        • Dimensions: 5.24" (L) x 0.98" (H) x 3.54" (W)
        • Weight: 0.69 lbs
        • Connectors:
          • 1x 19-pin HDMI, Type A, Female, Output
          • 2x 4-pin USB 2.0 Type-A Female, connect to Keyboard/Mouse
          • 1x 8-pin, RJ45, Input
          • 1x EDID button, Sync TX loop-out & RX output resolution
          • 1x USB button, to switch USB control
          • 1x Reset button
          • 1x Power jack
    • Unit Package:
      • Dimensions: 9.45" (W) x 3.15" (H) x 6.93" (D)
      • Weight: 2.20 lbs
    • Power adapter (2pcs):
      • Input: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
      • Output: DC 5V/1A
      • UL listed: E335801 / Level: VI
    • Environmental conditions:
      • Operating temperature: 32 to 104 degrees
      • Storage temperature: 14 to 158 degrees
      • Relative humidity: 0 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    • Certifications/Standards: FCC, CE, RoHS
    • Warranty: 2 years limited
    • Country of origin: China

    System Requirements

    • Cat6/7 cable using T-568B wiring standard (100% copper wire recommended)
    • Gigabit Ethernet switch for One-to-many connection
    • Additional Receiver units sold separately, part# CE-H25L11-S1, for One-to-many connection

    Package contents

    • HDMI 4K30Hz KVM over Cat 6 Extender Kit (1 Transmitter + 1 Receiver)
    • Power adapter (2pcs)
    • USB Type-B to Type-A cable
    • Quick Start Guide


Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Q: Why the Over IP extender video can not cross the Router?

The Over IP extender are using Multicast Protocol, please check do the Switch and Router can support Multicast packet pass through

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