AV over IP

The Networked Revolution: Unleash the Potential of AV over IP and Flexibility, empowering you with choice

This revolutionary technology transmits audio and video signals over an IP network, such as the internet or a local area network (LAN). Enables the distribution and management of high-quality audio and video content using standard networking equipment, protocols, and infrastructure. Instead of relying on traditional point-to-point AV connections, AV over IP leverages the scalability and flexibility of IP networks to transmit multimedia content to multiple destinations simultaneously.

How it work?

Traditional AV systems rely on dedicated cables, like HDMI, SDI, DVI or VGA, for each audio and video source, making them inflexible and limited. Adding new devices or changing configurations requires rewiring and can be a hassle. Plus, these systems often lack security and can be expensive, especially for complex setups.

Traditional AV

traditional AV

AV over IP systems use encoders, decoders, and network switches to transmit audio and video signals over a standard IP network. This allows for a more flexible and scalable way to distribute AV content.

Encoders are used to convert analog audio and video signals into digital data, and then transmitting the data over the network. The data is then received by decoders, which converts it back into analog signals that can be displayed on a monitor or TV. Network switches are used to allow multiple encoders and decoders connection together.

AV over IP

AV over IP


Scalability: Easily add more encoders and decoders to your system as needed. Perfect for large setups like universities or corporate offices.

Flexibility: Send AV signals anywhere on your network switch, connecting any device at any location.

High-Quality Transmission: Compression technologies like H.264 and H.265 ensure efficient bandwidth use while maintaining pristine audiovisual quality.

Cost-Effectiveness: Can be more cost-effective than traditional AV, especially for large installations.

Security: Integrates with your existing network security measures, keeping your content protected.


AV over IP solutions are versatile and can be configured to support different communication models, including one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many setups

1 to 1

One to One Connection: Connect a single source, like computer or DVD player, to a single display or projector. Simple and idea for basic setup.

1 to many

One to Many Connection: Broadcast content from one source to multiple displays simultaneously. Perfect for digital signage, restaurants or shopping centers.

many to many

Many to Many Connection: Connect multiple sources to multiple displays, creating a flexible and dynamic multimedia environment. Idea for video conferencing rooms or control centers.

SIIG Best AV over IP Solutions

CE-H28A11-S1 CE-H27F11-S1 CE-H27G11-S1 CE-H25411-S2
4K 60Hz HDMI over IP Matrix Kit
4K 60Hz HDMI over IP Matrix- Encoder
4K 60HZ HDMI over IP Matrix- Decoder
HDMI Video Wall Over IP Multicast System
CE-H23A11-S2 CE-H23B11-S2 CE-H23C11-S2 CE-H25G11-S1
HDMI over IP Extender with IR- Kit
HDMI over IP Extender with IR- Encoder
HDMI over IP Extender with IR- Decoder
1x8 HDMI Splitter HDbitT over IP Extender
CE-H25H11-S1 CE-H26411-S1 CE-H26511-S1 CE-H26T11-S1
HDMI 4K30Hz KVM over Cat 6 Extender Kit
Full HD HDMI Extender over IP with PoE, RS-232 & IR - Encoder
(TX, 330ft/110m)
Full HD HDMI Extender over IP with PoE, RS-232 & IR - Decoder
(RX, 330ft/110m)
HDMI HDbitT Over IP Extender with IR
CE-H25211-S1 CE-H25311-S1 CE-H25D11-S2 CE-H26U11-S1
HDMI Over IP Matrix and Video Wall - Encoder
(TX, 394ft/120m)
HDMI Over IP Matrix and Video Wall - Decoder
(RX, 394ft/120m)
HDMI 4K30Hz HDbitT Over IP Extender
HDMI HDbitT Over IP Extender with IR- Decode
(RX, for CE-H26T11-S1 only)
CE-H26W11-S1 CE-H26V11-S1 CE-H23A11-S1 CE-H27P11-S1
1x8 HDMI Splitter HDbitT Over IP Extender
1x4 HDMI Splitter HDbitT Over IP Extender
HDMI Over IP Extender with IR-Kit
HDMI Over IP Encoder & Decoder Transceiver (Coming soon!)


Digital signage, Classrooms, Retail stores, A/V conference rooms, Lecture halls, Control centers, Network operation centers, Security centers, Restaurant, Shopping centers, Airports, Service centers, Exhibitions

Lecture hall Service center
Exhibitions Control center


AV over IP is rapidly changing the AV landscape. Its scalability, flexibility, high-quality transmission, cost-effectiveness, and security make it a compelling choice for business, institutions, and individuals alike. Embrace the power of SIIG’s AV over IP and unlock a world of possibilities for your audiovisual experience!