KVM Switches

Ready to Get Rid of Cable Clutter and Simplify Your Workspace When Switching Between Multiple Systems or Computers?

A KVM Switch is the ultimate solution for managing and organizing your workspace. It allows you to simply control multiple systems or computers use of a keyboard, video monitor, and mouse, make your workspace organized and efficient.

What is KVM Switch?


Acts as central hub that seamlessly allows you to switch and control multiple computers or servers using a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse. It not only saves precious workspace but also reduces hardware costs, enhances productivity, and simplifies computer management.


KVM Switch can be useful in a variety of situations:

Home Office: connect your personal computer and laptop, utilizing the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor from your home or office setup.

Small Business: connect multiple computers to a single monitor in limited workspaces or when resource sharing is necessary.

Data Center: manage multiple servers through a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor by connecting them to a KVM Switch.

Gaming and work: connect your gaming console and personal computer, utilizing one monitor for both gaming and work purposes.

Key features

Multi-Computer or Server Control
Effortlessly control multiple computers or servers using a Keyboard, video monitor, and mouse to booting productivity
Switching Modes
Choose from a variety of switching methods, including hotkey combinations or push buttons interface
Video Quality
Supports various video resolution to ensure clear and crisp output
USB interface
Connect keyboard, mice, and other USB devices, providing flexibility and compatibility

How does it work?

Simple connect your computers to the KVM Switch using the appropriate cables or KVM kit cables. Then, connect your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the switch. Once everything is connected, you can easily switch between the different computers or systems using the switch button, hotkeys, or an IR remote control.


Most KVM Switches come with dedicated HID ports for Keyboard and mice, plus extra USB ports to connect devices, such as flash drives, external hard disks, and printers, providing you with enhanced flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, Some KVM switches offer audio switcher, allowing you to switch the audio output between connected computers. Whether you need to listen to audio from one computer or another, the KVM switch allows you to easily toggle between audio sources, enhancing your multimedia experience.

Advanced functions

a2 Mouse Roaming
Using a single mouse to control multiple computers. When you move the mouse to the edge of the screen, it automatically switches to the next computer
a3 PIP and PBP
View two or more computer screens simultaneously on the same monitor. PIP (Picture in Picture) allows you to display one computer screen in a smaller window on top of another, while PBP (Picture by Picture) enables side-by-side viewing of two computer screens


app1 app2 app3

Office, Home office, Workstation, Classroom, Audio/Video presentation, Photo shooting studio, Media editing, Control center, Server room/Data center, Gaming studio, Hospital, Medical center, Testing lab, IT department, Broadcasting studio, Bank

Before buying you need to know

Number of Computer: determine how many devices you need to connect to the KVM switch. This will help you choose a switch with the appropriate number of ports.

Video Output: identify the type of monitor you will be using, such as USB-C /HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA /DVI. Ensure that the KVM switch you select supports the required video output.

Resolution Support: consider the resolution you need the KVM switch to support. Ensure that it can handle the desired resolution for optimal display quality.

Quality and Reliability: look for a KVM Switch that offers high-quality construction and reliable performance. Consider compatible with your specific cables that meet your requirements.

Compatibility: ensure that the KVM switch is compatible with your devices, including computers, operating systems, and peripherals. Verify compatibility with the necessary protocols and interfaces.

Additional Features: consider whether you require any extra features, such as audio support, mouse roaming, PIP, and PBP functionality.

Types of Best KVM Switches

Desktop KVM Switches

[DisplayPort Input Port]
CE-KV0H11-S1 CE-KV0D11-S1 CE-KV0C11-S1
4-Port DisplayPort 1.4 8K MST Dual Head KVM Console Switch
4x1 DisplayPort 4K KVM USB 3.0 Switch with Remote Control
2x1 DisplayPort 4K KVM USB 3.0 Switch with Remote Control
CE-DP0G11-S1 CE-DP0F11-S1
4-Port DisplayPort 1.2 Smart Console KVM Switch
2-Port DisplayPort 1.2 Smart Console KVM Switch

[HDMI Input Port]
CE-KV0J11-S1 CE-KV0G11-S1 CE-KV0F11-S1 CE-KV0E11-S1
4K60Hz Quad-View HDMI Mouse Roaming KVM Processor
2-Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch with PBP Roaming Mouse & PIP
4x1 HDMI 4K HDR KVM USB 3.0 Switch with Remote Control
2x1 HDMI 4K HDR KVM USB 3.0 Switch with Remote Control
CE-KV0A11-S1 CE-KV0911-S1 CE-KV0811-S1 CE-KV0711-S1
Full HD Quad-View HDMI KVM MultiView Processor
2-Port HDMI Dual-Head Console KVM Switch with USB 2.0
2-Port HDMI Video Console KVM Switch with USB 2.0
2x2 Dual View USB HDMI KVM Switch
CE-KV0011-S2 CE-H25611-S1 CE-H25511-S1
2x1 USB HDMI KVM Switch
4-Port HDMI 4K HDR Smart Console KVM Switch
2-Port HDMI 4K HDR Smart Console KVM Switch

[USB-C Input Port]
2x1 USB-C 4K Video KVM Switch

[DVI Input Port]
CE-DV0211-S1 CE-DV0111-S1
4-Port DVI Dual-Link Smart Console KVM Switch
2-Port DVI Dual-Link Smart Console KVM Switch

over Cat Cable / over IP KVM Switches

CE-H26Y11-S1 CE-H25H11-S1 CE-H27811-S1 CE-H27411-S1
HDMI KVM Over Cat6 Extender with Loopout & S/PDIF
HDMI 4K30Hz KVM over IP Extender
4K 60Hz HDR HDMI KVM Over Cat6 Extender with S/PDIF & Touch Screen Support
HDMI USB KVM Over Cat6 Extender - 70m

Rack Mount KVM Switches / Wireless KVM Extender / Docking KVM Switch

CE-H26311-S1 CE-H26G11-S2 CE-DK0111-S1
Quad-View HDMI 4K 60Hz KVM MultiView Processor
Full HD Wireless HDMI KVM Extender with Loopout
Dual Host 4K USB-C KVM MST Docking Station with PD


USB HDMI KVM Cable with Audio & Mic