Q: What does Multi-Stream Transport (MST) stand for?

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) is a feature of DisplayPort 1.2 and newer that allows multiple display video signals to be transmitted through a single DisplayPort (DP) cable.

MST can be used in two configurations:

MST Hub: This configuration splits one DP cable into multiple video outputs, which can be both DP or other formats.

Daisy Chain: This configuration connects multiple monitors in series, with each monitor receiving its signal from the previous monitor.

Here are some of the benefits of using an MST hub:

1. Save space: MST hubs allow you to connect multiple displays to a single DisplayPort (DP) port, saving your desk space.
2. Simplify cable management: You only need one DP cable to connect multiple displays, simplifying your cable management.
3. MST is supported by most DisplayPort 1.2 and newer devices.
4. MST can be used with both DP and HDMI monitors.

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