Use with RG6 or RG59 cable

  Applies to the Following Product: - HDMI over Single Coax Extender (CE-H20K11-S1)     Solution: It will work with either cable.

Audio Return Channel (ARC)

  Applies to the Following Product: -  HDMI Extender over 2 CAT5e with IR (CE-HM0052-S1)   Description: Is this compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC)?   Solution: Unfortunately, this is a high speed HDMI cable version...

HDMI Repeater FAQ

  Applies to the Following Product: - HDMI Repeater (CE-H20N11-S1)     Description: 1. Does it support HDCP handshaking between HDCP compliant devices? 2. When is the optional power supply needed?     Solution: 1.&...

HDCP Compliant

  Applies to the Following Products: - DVI over CAT5e Extender (CE-D20111-S1)- DVI to HDMI over CAT5e Mini-Extender (CE-D20012-S1)- Mini DVI Extender (CE-DV0061-S1)- Full HD 1080P HDMI Wireless Extender (CE-H20S11-S1)- HDMI 1.3 over 1-Cat5e Extender...

Hello, how long is the USB cable that's included with your JU-EX0311-S1 extender? Thanks in advance!

Hello, The USB cable is 1 meter or 3.3ft long.

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