Q: Can I use an MST hub connected to my laptop docking station?

No, we don't recommend using an MST hub connected to a laptop docking station. Instead, we suggest using USB video adapters to connect additional monitors to your docking station. We recommend you purchase SIIG's USB-C docking station with MST technology...

Q: I am unable to get 4 displays working using a 4-port MST hub with an AMD or Nvidia video card. Why is this?

Not all video cards support MST, and some may not support four displays. Please confirm with your video card manufacturer that your card supports MST and the number of displays you need. You will also need to check the total bandwidth of connected ...

Q: My computer doesn't support 4 displays with CE-DP0R11-S1. How to add more displays?

We recommend USB video adapters if an MST hub is not an option. They work around GPU display limitations, are easy to install, and USB 3.0 versions perform well. We recommend JU-H30H11-S1.

Q: I just received a mini DisplayPort MST hub to 2x HDMI that only allows mirror images. I'm on a Mac, is it compatible?

macOS doesn't support MST, so you can't use a single DisplayPort connection to output to multiple monitors on a Mac.

Q: What does Multi-Stream Transport (MST) stand for?

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) is a feature of DisplayPort 1.2 and newer that allows multiple display video signals to be transmitted through a single DisplayPort (DP) cable. MST can be used in two configurations: MST Hub: This configuration splits one...

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