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Q: Software dongle key not working with parallel port

  Applies to the Following Products: - CyberParallel Dual PCIe (JJ-E02011-S1) - Cyber 1S1P PCIe (JJ-E00011-S3) - Cyber 2S1P PCIe (JJ-P21211-S1) - Cyber 2S1P 950 PCI (JJ-P21012-S7) - CyberParallel PCI (JJ-P00112-S6) - Cyber I/O PCI (...

Q: I'm using a JJ-P01211-S6 PCI parallel port card(s). I have 2 similar PC's running side by side. Both have the exact same (duplicated) hard drive in them (WinXP). A hardware dongle is recognized in one PC, but not the other. When I look at Device Manager, the PCI parallel port is resides in different memory locations on the 2 PCs. When I look again in Safe Mode, the memory location of the card that doesn't work actually overlaps a memory location of a display driver chipset. If I uninstall and re-install the parallel port card, it always puts it in the same memory location. I can't seem to change the location of either the parallel port adapter OR the display driver chipset. Is there a utility that will allow me to change the memory location of the PCI parallel port?

Hello, The memory address is set automatically by the motherboard's BIOS and can't be changed. One thing to try move the board to a different PCI slot, memory address might change.

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