Q: Blue screen when installing Windows operating system


Applies to the Following Products:

- DP eSATA 6Gb/s 2-Port PCIe (SC-SA0M11-S1)
- DP eSATA 6Gb/s 2-Port PCIe i/e (SC-SA0N11-S1)
- DP SATA 6Gb/s 2-Port PCIe (SC-SA0L11-S1)
- DP SATA 6Gb/s 2S1P PCIe (SC-SA0E12-S1)
- eSATA II PCIe i/e (SC-SAE212-S2)
- eSATA II PCIe Pro (SC-SAE412-S3)
- eSATA II-150 PCI (SC-SA2012-S1)
- eSATA II-150 PCI i/e (SC-SA1012-S1)
- SATA II-150 PCI (SC-SA0012-S1)
- SATA II-150 PCI RAID (SC-SA3012-S1)
- Serial ATA 4-Channel PCI (SC-SA4011-S2)
- Serial ATA 4-channel RAID (SC-SA4R12-S2)
- Serial ATA PCI (SC-SAT212-S4)
- Serial ATA PCI RAID (SC-SATR12-S4)




When you install a new system and get a Windows blue screen, the tips below may help you fix the issue. 




Try the tips below in the order that they appear to fix your issue.


1. Check the hard disk for errors.  Replace the hard disk if any errors are detected.
2. Check your CD/DVD-ROM connection.  Connect to a different port if necessary.
3. Make sure your floppy drive and floppy disk are working properly.
4. Make sure the correct driver is on the floppy disk.
5. Please move the controller to a different slot on the motherboard.
6. Try to disable onboard AHCI controller. After you finish the installation, you can enable it.


If your issue has not been resolved after trying all the tips you may have a defective product.  Please return it to your place of purchase.  If you can't return it to your place of purchase, SIIG will repair or replace it under manufacture warranty.  Please go to the link below for SIIG's warranty/return policy.






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