Q: How to Tighten Full Motion TV Mount Tilt Mechanism



Applies to the Following Product:

- Full Motion TV Mount 36" to 65" (CE-MT0912-S1)

- Full Motion TV Mount 23" to 42" (CE-MT0512-S1)



I am not able to set the tilt to the desired angle. It only goes full tilt and I am not able to tighten the middle screw on either bracket to set the degree of tilt.





Sorry, it appears as if the installation instructions had a typo.  The correct screw to tighten is the top screws, the middle screws should be slightly loose to the point where the bolt rotates (view the PDF file at the link below for correct screw circled).  Please tighten these screws and it should correct the problem.

If the tilt will still not hold, then perhaps your mounting rails are defective. If so, we can replace them. You can submit an RMA request for the replacement rails at http://www.siig.com/support/rma.



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