Q: I want to set it as extended mode



Applies to the Following Products:

1x2 Compact VGA & Audio Splitter (CE-VG0B11-S1)

1x2 Compact VGA Splitter (CE-VG0A11-S1)

1x2 VGA & Audio Splitter (CE-VG0C11-S1)

1x2 VGA Splitter (CE-VG0911-S1)

1x4 VGA & Audio Splitter (CE-VG0P11-S1)

1x4 VGA Splitter (CE-VG0D11-S1)

1x4 VGA Splitter with Audio (CE-VG0Q11-S1)

1x8 VGA Splitter (CE-VG0E11-S1)

Video Splitter 2-Port VGA (VV-S20012-S2)

Video Splitter 4-Port VGA (VV-S40012-S2)



Unfortunately, it does not support extended mode. It support mirror mode only.

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