Q: Industrial/Medical Grade Washable Backlit Keyboard with Pointing Device - FAQ


Applies to the Following Part Numbers:




Q1. What disinfectant products are recommended to clean the keyboard with?
A1. Medicinal alcohol or Clorox wipes or similar product.


Q2. What cleaning products should be avoided?
A2. Cleaning product that contain petroleum based solvents.


Q3. Is a UV disinfectant safe to use on this keyboard?
A3. Yes, but leave it on for a few minutes only then wipe it off.


Q4. Is the keyboard impregnated with antimicrobials?
A4. Nano Silver Antimicrobial technology is used on the surface.


Q5. What ailments (e.g.-stickiness/tackiness) may a user experience after cleaning of the keyboard over time?
A5.  If using medicinal alcohol or Clorox wipes or other non-corrosive cleaners, basically no ailments.


Q6. What key switch mechanism does this keyboard have?
A6. Rubber dome key + immersion gold PCB connector.


Q7. Is there a quick release? Or does keyboard have to be disconnected from base USB that is connected to the computer?
A7. The keyboard has Connect / Disconnect button to turn off the keyboard before cleaning.  It is not needed to unplug the USB cable from computer.


Q8. What are some normal ‘wear’ that can be seen with regular use of this keyboard?
A8. The edge of the white paint on some keys may show wear after many years use. This does not effect keyboard function.


Q9. What is the lifespan of the keyboard?
A9. 2 million keypress cycles.


Q10. Can the keyboard be placed in a dishwasher?
A10. It is not recommended to wash or dry in a dishwasher.


Q11. After rinsing and getting excess water off can small water droplets accumulate in between/just below the keys?
A11. The keyboard top is completely sealed, no water can enter between the keys.  Wipe dry with a cloth, virtually no down time due to drying.


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