Keyboard is Typing Numbers Instead of Letters



Applies to the Following Products:

- USB 87-Key Mini Keyboard (part # JK-US0N12-S1)


Your keyboard comes with a numeric keypad embedded into the main keyboard layout. The numeric keypad is controlled by turning on and off the Num Lock key. If your keyboard is typing numbers and other characters in place of the letters u, i, o, p, j, k, l and m, use the steps below to disable the numeric keypad (turn off Num Lock).


Most system turn on Num Lock during boot up. In this case follow the steps every time you boot up/restart the computer.

1. Press Num Lock key.
2. The Num Lock led indicator should go off.
3. The keyboard should be in normal operating mode.


Note: If you should ever want to re-enable the numeric keypad, press the Num Lock key again.  Just remember to press the Num Lock key to return the keyboard to normal operating mode.


To disable the computer's Num-Lock-Enabled on boot up feature, the BIOS setting can be changed. Read your computer's reference manual or contact your computer's technical support department to change this setting.



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