Q: My wireless keyboard and/or mouse do not work


Applies to the Following Products:

- Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse (JK-WR0212-S1)

- Wireless Ultra Slim Mini Keyboard (JK-WR0512-S1)

- Wireless Ultra Slim Multimedia Mini Keyboard (JK-WR0612-S1)

- Wireless Multimedia Mini Keyboard & Mouse (JK-WR0712-S1)




Your keyboard and mouse may have lost it's pairing to the USB receiver.  Follow the directions below to enable pairing.


1. Unplug the USB receiver.
2. Press the connect button located on the back of the keyboard and/or mouse.
3. Re-plug the USB receiver into the same USB port.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for pairing the other device, if needed.
5. If the computer is still not responding to the device(s), try the steps again. It may take several tries to succeed.





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