Q: The keyboard failed to work


Applies to the Following Products:

- Wireless Mini Multimedia Trackball Keyboard (JK-WR0412-S1)

- Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard (JK-WR0312-S1)

- Wireless Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse (JK-WR0212-S1)

- Wireless Multimedia Mini Keyboard & Mouse (JK-WR0712-S1)

- Wireless Slim Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse (JK-WR0812-S1)

- Wireless Ultra Slim Mini Keyboard (JK-WR0512-S1)

- Wireless Ultra Slim Multimedia Mini Keyboard (JK-WR0612-S1)




1) The keyboard failed to work. No matter what I do, there's no response.

2) The USB wireless dongle is off.





It's very possible you have a defective item.  Click link below to fill out the RMA form.  If the link doesn't automatically take you to the page, cut and paste the line into your browser's window.





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